You’ve come to the right place for guidance with your current or next-gen video streaming platform.

We build tech stacks to properly match your specific business requirements, utilizing enterprise and open-source software. We’ve implemented specifications for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud deployments, Akamai and other global CDNs, as well as colocation data centers. We’ve touched nearly every piece of software written for video delivery, including these cornerstone technologies:

  • FFmpeg for capture, re-muxing, encoding, streaming, and more, with customized builds for specific libraries such as NVIDIA acceleration or NDI support
  • Bento4 for customized HLS and DASH manifests, including multiple language and caption track customizations
  • Wowza Streaming Engine and Wowza Video for customize live or video-on-demand (VOD) ingest, transcoding/transmuxing, and streaming outputs (HLS, DASH, and more)
  • Janus WebRTC Server for real-time audio and video streaming, delivering sub one second latency across platforms
  • gStreamer for capture, encoding, and streaming
  • MediaMTX streaming server and proxy for capture, encoding, and streaming
  • NGINX-based Media Streaming Server for RTMP ingest and HLS streaming

We have the technical and product management expertise to bring your vision to completion. On average, our clients have seen a 50% reduction in overall costs with streaming delivery from previous legacy systems. 

Looking for professional help with your web conferencing solutions like Zoom, WebEx, or Microsoft Teams? 

We provide technical direction services to create more professional looking webinars or meetings, for corporate or non-profit AGMs. With our wide range of video software and hardware, we can remotely direct a multitude of panelists, video-on-demand, and coordinated slide decks. 

We also specialize in Wowza Streaming Engine installation and deployment, including the development of custom Java modules to expand server capabilities for handling live and video on demand (VOD) pipelines.

Whether you need tokenization, custom live transcoding or any other feature that comes with a premium price tag from CDNs, VideoRx can build a solution that is completely yours.

While all of our work is directed by Robert Reinhardt, (aka the Video Doctor), VideoRx can assemble resources to build elaborate end-to-end systems requiring UX/UI design, native applications for iOS/Android, cloud-based services, and more.

Over the past twenty years, Robert has built a network of leading experts in nearly every area of desktop, mobile, and Over The Top (OTT) development, from cloud developers, to UX designers, to QA resources.


ROBERT REINHARDT, founder + director

Robert is a contributing editor for Streaming Media Magazine and a regular speaker and trainer at Streaming Media East and West conferences. He builds enhanced video pipelines for a wide range of companies, providing services such as encoding optimization for AVC/H.264, and web and mobile app playback of live and VOD streams.

Robert started his career in 1999 building video-enhanced web sites to support film and television projects, including PBS and Warner Bros. He pioneered web applications written in Flash ActionScript and Flex for companies such as Nielsen, ABC, Nike, Surgiview, and the Government of British Columbia.

Early in his career, he had the privilege of working as a trainer for Lynda.com, doing on-site workshops at their original headquarters in Ojai, California. He was a frequent presenter at the series of Flash conferences organized by founder, Lynda Weinman.

Robert co-authored five editions of the best-selling Flash Bible series for Wiley Press, and several specialty books related to online video for Macromedia Press and Adobe Press.