VideoRx is a preferred vendor on Wowza Media System’s developer list, distributed by Wowza to customers seeking reputable customized solutions.

We can build and deliver production-ready configurations and Java modules that are tailored to your business requirements. Our long history of Wowza development enables us to produce reliable solutions in shorter development cycles than in-house teams that may be unfamiliar with Wowza APIs.

Project solutions may include one or more of the following:

  • Cloud-based infrastructure: Many of our clients come to us with pre-existing Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Compute Engine accounts that need Wowza Streaming Engine integration. Our cloud development services enable more cost-effective auto-scaling, load balancing, and deployment of Wowza edge/origin architectures to meet the demands of your growing audience.
  • Tokenization: Need a more secure and dynamic publisher/subscriber access system? We can build modules that replace directory paths and stream names in Wowza publish and playback URLs with custom tokens or access keys that are verified with your own back-end web services.
  • Tuned transcoder control: Default transcoder profiles apply a one-size-fits-all approach to incoming streams. With customized transcoder modules, incoming streams are only transcoded to renditions matching your specifications. For example, if an incoming stream is 640×360, only 360p and lower renditions would be created by the transcoder, whereas an origin stream at 1280×720 would be rendered at 720p and lower.
  • Dynamic VOD insertion to live streams: Do you want to play video files at specific points during a live stream? Do you want a constant live stream that shows a standby message if your onsite live encoder has an unexpected connection error? We can build modules that control multiple VOD and live streams. We also have our own MultiCam module that allows you to change the source of a live stream on the fly, allowing remote camera feeds and VOD assets to be assigned and inserted with a web-based admin page.
  • DRM and session-based watermarking: We have worked with content providers that need Hollywood studio approved DRM and watermarking measures applied to outgoing VOD and live streams. We can also build AES-128 HLS encryption modules that work with your key management system.
  • nDVR management: Do you need to manage the content of your nDVR storage in Wowza Streaming Engine? Or enable clip extraction from nDVR recordings? We can build solutions that move your archives to other storage locations such as Amazon S3.
  • Captions and multi-lingual audio: We work with organizations (including entertainment, healthcare, and government), who need customized captioning for VOD and live streams. We also build encoding pipelines that work with Wowza and multiple audio track selection to enable multi-lingual playback.

VideoRx not only builds and integrates custom Wowza solutions, but can provide documentation and knowledge transfer to your in-house development teams. Robert Reinhardt has a proven track record of training client teams on and off site. We ensure all custom code is committed to our client’s version-controlled repositories, and that all code is tested with QA best practices.